High Pressure Laminates

Maximize your Budget and Increase Style Options with Laminates

Effortlessly complement the cabinetry with our wide variety of stocked colors and patterns. Laminates are stain-resistant and easy to clean, making them a popular choice for high-traffic locations.
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Choosing between Thermally Fused Plastic Laminate (TFL) and High Pressure Laminates (HPL). 

The manufacturing process and materials of HPL and TFL are different. HPL offers a higher degree of resistance from water, fire, and scratching than TFL. Many builders choose HPL for countertops and the tops of desks. TFL, also known as standard grade, costs less than HPL. TFL provides adequate protection for surface less prone to nicks and water, such as cabinet liners and vertical applications.

Our customer service representatives are happy to help you select the color, thickness, and resistance types most relevant to your needs and budget. If you need to match a specific HPL brand number, refer to the catalog or call us. We can ship stocked laminates the same day you order them. 

Specs of stocked TFL:

  • Thicknesses in stock: 0.6mm for cabinet liners, 0.7mm Vertical and Postform applications, 1.2mm Standard and Horizontal applications
  • Patterns: Solid and woodgrain
  • Sheet size: 4 x 8

Specs of Stocked HPL:

  • Thicknesses in stock: 0.5 and 0.6mm for cabinet liners, 0.7mm Vertical and Postform applications, 
  • Brand Matches: Wilsonart, Formica, Pionite, Nevamar, Herman Miller brands, and more.
  • Patterns: Solid and woodgrain
  • Metallic finishes also available
  • Sheet size: 4 x 8


SizeColor ImageColorItem NumberThicknessTypeStock StatusOrder Online
4×8Antique White1010-LF9320.700000SolidStockedOrder
4×8Taupe / HM HT Innertone1010-LN52M800.700000SolidProductionOrder
4×8Frosty White1010-LW15730.700000SolidStockedOrder
4×8Designer White1010-LWD3540.700000SolidStockedOrder
4×8Fashion Grey1010-LWD3810.700000SolidProductionOrder
4×8Slate Grey1010-LWD910.700000SolidProductionOrder
4×8Natrual Oak1020-LF3460.700000WoodgrainProductionOrder
4×8Wild Cherry1020-LF59040.700000WoodgrainProductionOrder
4×8Acajou Mahogany1020-LF70080.700000WoodgrainProductionOrder
4×8Amber Maple1020-LF70120.700000WoodgrainProductionOrder
4×8Natrual Maple1020-LF7560.700000WoodgrainProductionOrder
4×8Select Cherry1020-LF77590.700000WoodgrainProductionOrder
4×8Oiled Cherry1020-LPTWC4210.700000WoodgrainProductionOrder
4×8Hardrock Maple1020-LPTWM7910.700000WoodgrainStockedOrder
4×8Hardrock Maple1020-LPV9920.700000WoodgrainProductionOrder
4×8Kensington Maple1020-LW107760.700000WoodgrainProductionOrder
4×8Wild Cherry1020-LW70540.700000WoodgrainProductionOrder
4×8Natural Pear1020-LW70610.700000WoodgrainProductionOrder
4×8Bannister Oak1020-LW78060.700000WoodgrainProductionOrder
4×8Golden Oak1020-LW78880.700000WoodgrainProductionOrder
4×8Manitoba Maple1020-LW79110.700000WoodgrainStockedOrder
4×8Biltmore Cherry1020-LW79240.700000WoodgrainStockedOrder
4×8Grey Nebula1030-LW46220.700000PatternProductionOrder
4×8Black4000-BLACK BACKER-B1PP0.500000BackerStockedOrder

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