Long-Lasting, Seamless Edges with Curves, Bevels, or Straight Lines

T-Molding expands your decorative options with shapes. As a tongue-in-groove type of edging, we recommend it for borders prone to heavy wear and tear, such as drawers. Applying pretension allows it to adhere firmly even to tight radius curves. Please choose from our extensive stock of profiles, colors, and materials that are available for immediate shipping. If you are looking for specialty T-molding, we are available to custom order what you need.


  • Materials include PVC, Polyethylene and Polypropylene
  • A variety of sizes available
  • Profile ranging from flat  to bullnose
  • Stocked in over 50 colors
  • A great option for office furniture, cabinetry, and fixtures
Shape ImageColor ImageItem NumberDescriptionThicknessColorCoil LengthMaterialSuggested SlotNotes
3206-NEUTRAL3206 7/8 WH Neutral T-mold0.890000Neutral500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
5008-MEDIUM TONE5008 1&1/4 HM Medium Tone Square Edge T-mold1.210000Medium Tone100lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
5008-PLATINUM5008 1&1/4 HW Platinum/SC GV1 Square Edge T-mold1.210000Platinum100lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
5008-SOFT WHITE5008 1&1/4 WH Soft/SC Warm White Square Edge T-mold1.210000Soft White100lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
5074-CHARCOAL5074 1.22 HW Charcoal T-mold1.228000Charcoal250lf90 Durometer PVC1/8"Order
5074-GRAPHITE5074 1.22 HW Graphite / SC GV5 T-mold1.228000Graphite250lf90 Durometer PVC1/8"Order
5174-ALMOND5174 1&3/4 Almond T-mold1.755000Almond150lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
5174-PLATINUM5174 1&3/4 HW Platinum/SC GV1 T-mold1.755000Platinum150lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
5429-ALMOND5429 1&1/4 Almond POLY T-mold1.265000Almond250lfPoly1/16"Order
5429-BLACK5429 1&1/4 Black POLY T-mold1.265000Black250lfPoly1/16"Order
5429-BROWN5429 1&1/4 Brown POLY T-mold1.265000Brown250lfPoly1/16"Order
5429-DOVE GREY5429 1&1/4 Dove Grey POLY T-mold1.265000Dove Grey250lfPoly1/16"Order
5429-WHITE5429 1&1/4 White POLY T-mold1.265000White250lfPoly1/16"Order
5430-ALMOND5430 3/4 Almond POLY T-mold0.765000Almond500lfPoly1/16"Order
5430-BLACK5430 3/4 Black POLY T-mold0.765000Black500lfPoly1/16"Order
5430-BROWN5430 3/4 Brown POLY T-mold0.765000Brown500lfPoly1/16"Order
5430-DOVE GREY5430 3/4 Dove Grey POLY T-mold0.765000Dove Grey500lfPoly1/16"Order
5431-ALMOND5431 13/16 Almond POLY T-mold0.822000Almond500lfPoly1/16"Order
5431-BLACK5431 13/16 Black POLY T-mold0.822000Black500lfPoly1/16"Order
5431-BROWN5431 13/16 Brown POLY T-mold0.822000Brown500lfPoly1/16"Order
5431-DOVE GREY5431 13/16 Dove Grey POLY T-mold0.822000Dove Grey500lfPoly1/16"Order
5431-WHITE5431 13/16 White POLY T-mold0.822000White500lfPoly1/16"Order
5432-ALMOND5432 7/8 Almond POLY T-mold0.885000Almond500lfPoly1/16"Order
5432-BLACK5432 7/8 Black POLY T-mold0.885000Black500lfPoly1/16"Order
5432-BROWN5432 7/8 Brown POLY T-mold0.885000Brown500lfPoly1/16"Order
5432-DOVE GREY5432 7/8 Dove Grey POLY T-mold0.885000Dove Grey500lfPoly1/16"Order
5432-WHITE5432 7/8 White POLY T-mold0.885000White500lfPoly1/16"Order
5433-BLACK5433 1/2 Black POLY T-mold0.510000Black500lfPoly1/16"Order
5433-BROWN5433 1/2 Brown POLY T-mold0.510000Brown500lfPoly1/16"Order
5434-ALMOND5434 5/8 Almond POLY T-mold0.645000Almond500lfPoly1/16"Order
5434-BLACK5434 5/8 Black POLY T-mold0.645000Black500lfPoly1/16"Order
5434-WHITE5434 5/8 White POLY T-mold0.645000White500lfPoly1/16"Order
5558-BLACK5558 1.00 Black T-mold1.015000Black250lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
5558-PLATINUM5558 1.00 HW Platinum/SC GV1 T-mold1.015000Platinum250lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
3206-SOFT GREY3206 7/8 WH Soft Grey - HW Putty T-mold0.890000Soft Grey500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
3206-SOFT WHITE3206 7/8 WH Soft/SC Warm White White T-mold0.890000Soft White500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
4199D-DARK TONE4199D .780 HM Dark Tone T-mold0.790000Dark Tone500lf95 Durometer PVC1/8"Order
4243-DARK TONE4243 5/8 HM Dark Tone T-mold0.640000Dark Tone500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
4243-MEDIUM TONE4243 5/8 HM Medium Tone T-mold0.640000Medium Tone500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
4244-DARK TONE4244 1&1/8 Dark Tone T-mold1.138000Dark Tone250lf90 Durometer PVC1/8"Order
4244-INNER TONE4244 1&1/8 Inner Tone T-mold1.138000Inner Tone250lf90 Durometer PVC1/8"Order
4244-INNER TONE LIGHT4244 1&1/8 Inner Tone Light T-mold1.138000Inner Tone Light250lf90 Durometer PVC1/8"Order
4244-LIGHT GREY4244 1&1/8 Light Grey T-mold1.138000Light Grey250lf90 Durometer PVC1/8"Order
4244-LIGHT NEUTRAL4244 1&1/8 Light Neutral T-mold1.138000Light Neutral250lf90 Durometer PVC1/8"Order
4244-LIGHT TONE4244 1&1/8 Light Tone T-mold1.138000Light Tone250lf90 Durometer PVC1/8"Order
4244-MEDIUM TONE4244 1&1/8 Medium Tone T-mold1.138000Medium Tone250lf90 Durometer PVC1/8"Order
4244-PLATINUM4244 1&1/8 HW Platinum/SC GV1 T-mold1.138000Platinum250lf90 Durometer PVC1/8"Order
4245-ALMOND4245 1&1/4 Almond T-mold1.258000Almond250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4245-BEIGE4245 1&1/4 HW Beige T-mold1.258000Beige250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4245-BLACK4245 1&1/4 Black T-mold1.258000Black250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4245-CHARCOAL4245 1&1/4 HW Charcoal T-mold1.258000Charcoal250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4245-DARK NEUTRAL4245 1&1/4 WH Dark Neutral T-mold1.258000Dark Neutral250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4245-DARK TONE4245 1&1/4 HM Dark Tone T-mold1.258000Dark Tone250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4245-GRAPHITE4245 1&1/4 HW Graphite / SC GV5 T-mold1.258000Graphite250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4245-GREY TAUPE4245 1&1/4 AMS Grey Taupe T-mold1.258000Grey Taupe250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4245-GREYTONE4245 1&1/4 HW Greytone T-mold1.258000Greytone250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4245-INNER TONE4245 1&1/4 HM Inner Tone T-mold1.258000Inner Tone250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4245-INNER TONE LIGHT4245 1&1/4 HM Inner Tone Light T-mold1.258000Inner Tone Light250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4245-LIGHT GREY4245 1&1/4 HM Light Grey T-mold1.258000Light Grey250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4245-LIGHT NEUTRAL4245 1&1/4 HM Light Neutral T-mold1.258000Light Neutral250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4245-MEDIUM TONE4245 1&1/4 HM Medium Tone T-mold1.258000Medium Tone250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4245-PLATINUM4245 1&1/4 HW Platinum/SC GV1 T-mold1.258000Platinum250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4245-ROXY RED4245 1&1/4 Roxy Red T-mold1.258000Roxy Red250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4245-SAND4245 1&1/4 HW Sand/SC WB2 T-mold1.258000Sand250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4245-SMOKE4245 1&1/4 HW Smoke1.258000Smoke250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4245-SOFT GREY4245 1&1/4 WH Soft Grey - HW Putty T-mold1.258000Soft Grey250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4245-SOFT WHITE4245 1&1/4 WH Soft/SC Warm White T-mold1.258000Soft White250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4245-TAN4245 1&1/4 HW Tan T-mold1.258000Tan250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4245-WHITE4245 1&1/4 White T-mold1.258000White250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4245-WINE4245 1&1/4 Wine T-mold1.258000Wine250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4246-BEIGE4246 3/4 HW Beige T-mold0.790000Beige500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
4246-CHARCOAL4246 3/4 HW Charcoal T-mold0.790000Charcoal500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
4246-CLAY4246 3/4 HW Clay T-mold0.790000Clay500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
4246-GRAPHITE4246 3/4 HW Graphite / SC GV5 T-mold0.790000Graphite500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
4246-PLATINUM4246 3/4 HW Platinum / SC GV1 T-mold0.790000Platinum500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
4246-PUTTY4246 3/4 WH Soft Grey - HW Putty T-mold0.790000Putty500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
4246-STONE4246 3/4 HW Stone/AMS Grey Taupe T-mold0.790000Stone500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
4246-TAUPE4246 3/4 HW Taupe T-mold0.790000Taupe500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
4253-BEIGE4253 1/2 HW Beige T-mold0.525000Beige500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
4253-CHARCOAL4253 1/2 HW Charcoal T-mold0.525000Charcoal500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
4253-CLAY4253 1/2 HW Clay T-mold0.525000Clay500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
4253-GRAPHITE4253 1/2 HW Graphite / SC GV5 T-mold0.525000Graphite500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
4253-PLATINUM4253 1/2 HW Platinum / SC GV1 T-mold0.525000Platinum500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
4253-PUTTY4253 1/2 WH Soft Grey - HW Putty T-mold0.525000Putty500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
4253-RBEIGE4253 1/2 HW R-Beige T-mold0.525000RBeige500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
4253-SAND4253 1/2 HW Sand/SC WB2 T-mold0.525000Sand500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
4253-TAUPE4253 1/2 HW Taupe T-mold0.525000Taupe500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
4542-ALMOND4542 1&1/2 Almond T-mold1.515000Almond200lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4542-BLACK4542 1&1/2 Black T-mold1.515000Black200lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4542-DARK NEUTRAL4542 1&1/2 WH Dark Neutral T-mold1.515000Dark Neutral200lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4542-GRAPHITE4542 1&1/2 HW Graphite / SC GV5 T-mold1.515000Graphite200lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4542-PLATINUM4542 1&1/2 HW Platinum/SC GV1 T-mold1.515000Platinum200lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4542-SOFT GREY4542 1&1/2 WH Soft Grey - HW Putty T-mold1.515000Soft Grey200lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
4542-SOFT WHITE4542 1&1/2 WH Soft/SC Warm White T-mold1.515000Soft White200lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
5008-ALMOND5008 1&1/4 Almond Square Edge T-mold1.210000Almond100lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
5008-GRAPHITE5008 1&1/4 HW Graphite / SC GV5 Square Edge T-mold1.210000Graphite100lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
5008-GREYTONE5008 1&1/4 HW Greytone Square Edge T-mold1.210000Greytone100lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
5008-INNER TONE LIGHT5008 1&1/4 HM Inner Tone Light Square Edge T-mold1.210000Inner Tone Light100lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order
2112-ALMOND2112 1&1/4 Almond Bullnose T-mold1.265000Almond250lf95 Durometer PVC1/8"Must Ship via LTLOrder
2112-PLATINUM2112 1&1/4 HW Platinum/SC GV1 Bullnose T-mold1.265000Platinum250lf95 Durometer PVC1/8"Must Ship via LTLOrder
3206-DARK NEUTRAL3206 7/8 WH Dark Neutral T-mold0.890000Dark Neutral500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
3206-DARK TONE3206 7/8 HM Darktone T-mold0.890000Dark Tone500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
3206-MEDIUM TONE3206 7/8 HM Medium Tone T-mold0.890000Medium Tone500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
1812-HARD ROCK MAPLE1812 13/16 PV992 Hardrock Maple T-molding0.820000Hard Rock Maple500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
1812-WILD CHERRY1812 13/16 W7054 Wild Cherry T-mold0.820000Wild Cherry500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
1812-FUSION MAPLE1812 13/16 W7909 Fusion Maple T-mold0.820000Fusion Maple500lf95 Durometer PVC1/16"Order
4244-GRAPHITE4244 1&1/8 Graphite Tmold1.138000Graphite250lf90 Durometer PVC1/8"Order
4245-METALLIC SILVER4245 1&1/4 Metallic Silver T-mold (2040)1.258000Metallic Silver250lf90 Durometer PVC5/32"Order

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